Rental FAQ – Atlanta

What forms do I need to fill out:

All pages of appropriate showcase order form.

Why do I need to complete the booth layout form:

It is very important to complete the booth layout form to ensure your showcases are configured to your liking upon arrival to show site.  You can also find examples on how to place your showcases under Showcase Layout Concepts however you are not limited to these designs.  These are just examples on what will fit in the booth dimensions.

How do you accept order forms:

You can either email, mail or fax in your forms however we do not accept verbal orders.  Note: only orders accompanying payment will be processed.  All orders are processed on a first come first serve basis.

What forms of payment do you accept:

Our rental department accepts Visa, MasterCard or Check.  Unfortunately we do not have the ability to process American Express.

What about discounted rates:

We offer our discounted rate for order forms, and payment, received prior to January 26th, 2018.  Any orders received after this date will be processed at the standard rate.

Do I need to order electrical for my showcases:

Yes.  Power and showcase hookup are not included with your booth or showcase services.  Electrical services, thru Cobb Galleria Centre, may be accessed via

What type of wattage does my showcase have:

Regular/Deluxe showcases & museum towers use 40 watts, hi-lite & multi level towers 15 watts and upright displays 30 watts.  The Elite Maple cases with the LED have less than 21 watts per unit.

What type of light does my showcase have:

Regular/Deluxe showcases & museum towers utilize our slimline octron light which is a form of fluorescent that burns at 4100K.  The light is cool white that does not produce blue or yellow tones.  The hi-lite & multi level tower displays are single Par 30 LED lights.  The Elite Maple cases have LED lighting.

What does my showcase come with:

Standard showcases come with light, lock, open rear storage and stock white interior.  Our deluxe units include light, lock, locking storage doors, mirror back doors and stock black interior.  The elite maple cases have LED light, lock, locking storage doors and stock white interior.  Note: no storage on full view showcases.

What optional features are available:

Optional features such as fabric covered floorboards are available.  Please see Showcase Optional Features section on order form for further detail and associated costs.

Do floorboards come with any of your showcases:

Our tower displays includes the white leatherette floorboard.  All other floorboards must be ordered separately.

Can I use my own floorboards:

Yes, you can use your own floorboards however not all showcase inside dimensions are the same.  Please review the Floorboard/Inside Case Dimensions for exact specifications on our showcases.  Please note that dimensions presented are for our jewelry view models.  If you utilize half or full view models make sure to alter your depth as noted.

What will fit in my booth:

Our brochure details the dimensions for all rental units.  Additionally we have provided different concepts under Layout Concepts for both single and double booths.  If you are uncertain on how to configure your showcases, or what will work in your booth space, please contact our office for further assistance.  It is very important that your cases fit within your booth space as fire marshal inspections do occur at this venue.

Do you have additional dimensions available for your corner showcase:

As shown in our rental brochure the rear rail dimension is 24″L.  The dimension from furthest point to point with regards to the length is 52″.  The smaller front rail dimension is 41″.

What do you furnish with the showcases:

Keys, paper towels, glass cleaner and service letter are provided to all rental clients.

Do you offer other rental items or optional features:

For special requests please email  Additional fee’s may apply however as always we will do our best to accommodate you or offer solutions.

Do you have showcase available for rent at show site:

Yes, however only a very limited quantity are available for floor orders.  We highly recommend that you order your showcases in advance to ensure you will not encounter delays during move-in/setup.  We can not guarantee any quantity, style or colors to be available for floor orders.